MV BARO AWLIA SEAT – Teknaf to Saint Martin Island

MV BARO AWLIA | এমভি বার আউলিয়া

MV Baro Awlia  is the newest ship on the Saint Martin route which provides very good service at a reasonable cost.


আসা – যাওয়ার ভাড়ার তালিকাঃ
টেকনাফ – সেন্টমার্টিন – টেকনাফ
১, মেইন ডেক, সান ডেক ও মুজারাত লাউঞ্জ ১৪০০/-
২, রিভারিয়া ও প্যানারোমা লাউঞ্জ ১৬০০/-
৩, বাংকার বেড (১জন) ৩৫০০/-
৪, ডিল্যাক্স কেবিন (২জন) ৫০০০/-
৫, ফ্যামিলি বাংকার বেড (৪ জন) ৬০০০/-
৬, ভি আই পি কেবিন (২জন) ৮০০০/-

৭, ভি ভি আই পি কেবিন (২জন) ১০,০০০/-

*Insurance Fee 100 Taka Per person.

For Ticket Call: +880 01977886877, 01678076361-69

Online Ticketing Procedure:

1. To collect ticket online clients have to send their Departure date and Return dates via WhatsApp or SMS.
2. Clients have to send their preferred seat or cabin name via WhatsApp or SMS.
3. Clients have to provide Name and Mobile number by which the ticket should be issued via WhatsApp or SMS.

Our WhatsApp Number: 01678076363, 01678076368

Payment Method:

1. Nagad Personal Number: 01977886877, 01402288573 (Choose Send Money Option)
2. bkash Merchant Payment Number: 01678076363 (Choose ‘Payment’ option)
3. bkash Personal Number: 01711336825, 01611336825, 01402288573 (Choose Send Money Option)
4. Rocket Payment Number: 014022885734 (Choose Send Money Option)

(Clients have to pay bkash, Nagad and Rocket service charge)

Ticket Cancellation Policy:

  1. Tickets are Noncancellable, Non-Refundable. All Sales Are Final.
  2. Ticket Schedule Changes & Cancellation Will Not be Possible With in 96 Hrs of Journey.
  3. If a Person Can Show Valid Reason, Severe Medical Condition and Can Show Valid Documents From Hospital or Doctors Over 96 Hrs Then 40% Charges (30% Cancellation Charge and 10% VAT) Will Be Applicable Depending on Authority Discretion.
  4. No Duplicate Tickets Will be Issued to Replace Lost or Stolen Tickets.
  5. If Passengers Delay and Ship Departs the Port, There is No Refund.
  6. If Cruise Timing are not met by the Ship/Cruise or Cruise Left Early without Notifying Customers or Any Unavoidable Natural Calamities if Journey Cancelled, Then 10% Charges Will Be Applicable From the Ticket Price Depending on Authority Discretion.
  7. Ticket Reschedule is Free if Seats/Cabins are Available on New Journey Date.
  8. Authority May Change Any Given Terms at Any Point to Facilitate Better Proceedings.

Ticket Fare/Price:

Cabin & Seat Price with Complementary Service
SL Particulars Deck No. QTY Round Way Price One Way Price Complementary Service Remarks
1 VVIP Cabin (3rd-B) (Attached Washroom) Sun Deck 2 10,000 5,500 Snacks with water (both way) 2 Person per Cabin
2 VIP Cabin (3rd-B) (Common Washroom) Sun Deck 3 8,000 4,000 Snacks with water (both way) 2 Person per Cabin
3 Sun Deck Seat (3rd-F) Sun Deck 160 1,400 750 No Service 1 Seat per Person
4 Delux Cabin (2nd-M) Mozarat Launge 12 5,000 2,800 Snacks with water (both way) 2 Person per Cabin
5 Mozarat Chair (2nd-M) Mozarat Launge 54 1,400 750 No Service 1 Seat per Person
6 Bunker Bed (Cabin) (2nd-F) (Common Washroom) Mozarat Launge 2 3,500 1,800 Snacks with water (both way) 1 Bed per Person
7 Family Bunker Cabin (2nd-F) (Common Washroom) Mozarat Launge 8 6,000 3,500 Snacks with water (both way) 4 Person per Cabin
8 Main Deck Chair (1st-F) Main Deck 66 1,400 750 No Service 1 Chair per Person
9 Panorama Business Chair (1st- M) Panorama 270 1,600 850 No Service 1 Chair per Person
10 Riviera Business Chair (1st-B) Riviera 114 1,600 850 No Service 1 Chair per Person