ML Katka Express Cruise Room – Khulna to Sundarban

ML Katka Express Cruise Room/Cabin Allocation

Sundarban Tour: +880 1711336825, 01402288573, 01678076361-69

6 Couple Bed with Attach Toilet
2 Three Bed with Attach Toilet
+4 Common Toilet

Tourist Spot:


Price per person for the above itinerary shall be as follows only for Bangladeshi:
5-6 Person Gruop: 18,000 Per Person
6-10 Person Group: 16,000 Per Person
11-16 Person Group : 14,000 Per Person

Entrance fees for Foreign national: 10,500 BDT
Entrance fee for Bangladesh national: 1,050 BDT

We’re  taking booking for group tour, corporate tour for September 2023 to March 2024.

It’ll be helpful to know that if a person or a entire group want to join Sundarban tour then they have to book their slot 2 or 3 months earlier from their required date. Last tour season who missed the trip they can join this tour season with nearest one..
Our Booking is going to be finished soon so grab your precious booking hurry to make your Sundarban trip as a Life time memory.

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